Important Information


     for the people of Ukraine




If you require urgent medical care, please dial the international emergency phone number 112.

On this page you will find hospitals and doctors offering free medical care for everyone fleeing from the war in Ukraine. 

The doctors listed on this page speak Ukrainian or Russian and are volunteers from the National Association of Volunteers of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

If you are a doctor and you want to join as a volunteer, please get in touch with NAVRB here. If you are listed on this page but would like to be removed, please email the platform support team at

Detailed information about the types of medical services and the persons who provide them are listed at the following link:




Via this platform you can browse through different accommodation options and connect with volunteers, hotels and state facilities that can host you temporarily. Some of the accommodation options on this platform have not been vetted or verified, please exercise caution when communicating with the hosts.




The usual long-term residential property rental process in Bulgaria


  • A long term rent in Bulgaria has a minimum duration of 1 year
  • In 95% of the cases, properties are rented out furnished
  • The rental amount per month is usually quoted in EUR, but paid in BGN
  • A deposit equal to 1 or 2 months rent is required. The deposit is returned once you leave the property and cannot be used for the last month’s rental payment. It would cover expenses that may be incurred by the homeowner for damage repairs, deep cleaning, etc.
  • You need to sign a contract, along with an inventory check form. You can download a template here.
  • When the tenant is a foreigner, the homeowner must fill out a special declaration and provide you with it. You can download it from here.
  • Long-term rental contracts can usually be terminated by either party (homeowner or tenant) with a 1-month notice
  • Utility bills (electricity, heating, water and internet) are usually not included in the rental amount. In most cases the official utility accounts remain registered to the owner, but the bills are covered by the tenant in one of two ways – by paying them to the owner directly or online via using the owner’s account numbers.


Looking for a long-term rental by yourself


You can look for an apartment by yourself with the help of an agency or via property rental platforms. If you choose to do so, please bear in mind that most agencies will charge you a commission equal to half or a full month’s rent. Property portals will have plenty of listings, but some of these may be fake or duplicates, so make sure you specifically ask for a viewing of the property you’re looking at in the listing. Do not go to viewings of properties without having seen photos online first – it will be a waste of time.




The country’s regional education departments accept applications from Ukrainians seeking or receiving international or temporary protection who want to enroll their children in kindergarten or school. Depending on the age, the class completed so far, the location and the desire of the parents, the refugee children and students are directed to a specific educational institution. The aim is to complete this preparatory work as soon as possible so that refugees can join the training as soon as they receive official legal status in Bulgaria.


If necessary, they will be given the appropriate vaccines according to the national vaccine schedule in Bulgaria.


Children of dual-parent parents can be admitted to a kindergarten or school without going through the procedures for refugees who have only a Ukrainian passport.

The sample of the application form is published on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science (download here), which parents from Ukraine must fill in and submit to the RWB. In it they must indicate the mother tongue of the child, whether he speaks to some extent Bulgarian or other European languages, where and which class he graduated in his country. Consultations can be obtained on the Hotline of the Ministry of Education and Science 0800 16 111.


Find more information and additional educational materials here




Ukrainians and their family members who have received temporary protection, asylum or international protection in Bulgaria have the right to work in the country without a permit. Persons with refugee or humanitarian status can register as jobseekers with the Labor Office at their permanent or current address.


The hotline of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy at 0800 88 001 provides free consultations in Bulgarian, Russian and English to Ukrainian citizens on access to the labor market in Bulgaria and opportunities for social support for children and families.


Ukrainian citizens under temporary protection have the right:


1. to remain on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria

2. to work in Bulgaria without a permit for access to the labor market, as well as to take language training courses

3. of appropriate accommodation or of means of accommodation if necessary

4. of social assistance

5. of medical aid in case of emergency

6. to return freely to their country of origin.


Legislation on the labor marketThe Asylum and Refugees Act introduces the requirement of Art. 12 of Council Directive 2001/55 / EC of 20 July 2001 on minimum standards for the granting of temporary protection that aliens enjoying temporary protection have the right to work and vocational training. It follows that Ukrainian citizens enjoying temporary protection could work in Bulgaria without a work permit, register as jobseekers at an employment office at their permanent or current address and benefit from employment services. and vocational training.

Citizens of Ukraine can gain access to the Bulgarian labor market in order to work under the following simplified procedures:


  • Ukrainian citizens who have the necessary documents proving Bulgarian origin can start working immediately (even before they have received a residence permit) only by registering with the Employment Agency. For this purpose, they must have an employment contract with a local employer for a period of at least 6 months. Additional information about the procedure can be found here:
  • Ukrainian citizens have the right to seasonal work of up to 90 days in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, hotels and restaurants in Bulgaria without interruption for 12 months. For this purpose, registration with the Employment Agency is required on the basis of a declaration submitted by the employer. Additional information about the procedure can be found here:
  • Ukrainian citizens who have applied for international protection and the proceedings have not been completed within three months of submitting the application for reasons beyond their control have the right to work in Bulgaria without a work permit until the procedure is completed. Declaring the employment of Ukrainians in these cases is done by the local employer, who hired them under an employment contract. Additional information can be found here:
  • Ukrainians and members of their families granted asylum or international protection in Bulgaria have the right to work in Bulgaria without a permit to access the labor market. People who have refugee or humanitarian status can register as jobseekers with the Labor Office at their permanent or current address.




The control bodies of the General Labor Inspectorate are ready to advise Ukrainian citizens on their labor rights. For this purpose, an email has been created where they can ask their questions related to the Bulgarian labor legislation, as well as submit signals if they are already employed and believe that their rights have been violated.


The e-mail is and is published on the website of the Labor Inspectorate, in the section contacts, as well as in the section “For employers and workers”, section “Work of foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria”. The experts of the General Labor Inspectorate will answer the questions in a timely manner on the mentioned e-mail, and for this purpose feedback contacts should be provided.


Bulgarian employers who want to hire citizens of Ukraine should provide them with equal working conditions with their colleagues from Bulgaria, and they can not be less favorable than the minimum set in labor legislation.





You can find out more about the possibility for Ukrainian citizens and their family members to receive humanitarian aid here: and here: -initiatives /





People fleeing areas of military conflict seeking protection in other countries are extremely vulnerable to involvement in human trafficking and exploitation.

Human trafficking is a serious crime against the person, a serious violation of human rights and abuse of human dignity.


  • Human trafficking always involves the exploitation of victims in various forms:
  • sexual exploitation, including forced prostitution;
  • forced / compulsory labor;
  • slavery, forced obedience and similar practices;
  • removal of organs;
  • begging and other coercive criminal activities.


  • In Bulgaria, the use of services provided by victims of trafficking is a crime.


What to watch out for:

  • Do not disclose your identity documents to anyone other than government officials.
  • Do not show how much money you have and do not give your personal belongings, especially your mobile phone to others.
  • Always inform your loved ones about where you are and keep in touch with them if possible.
  • Be careful when arranging transport and accommodation.
  • When you are offered a job, research the offer and in case of doubt, contact the authorities.
  • In case of risk, seek help and call the following telephone numbers:
  • Single European Emergency Number: 112
  • National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings: + 359 2 807 80 50
  • National hotline against trafficking in human beings (Foundation Campaign A21 ): 0800 20 100
  • Hotline (Executive Agency “General Labor Inspectorate”): 0700 17 670
  • National telephone line for children (State Agency for Child Protection): 116 111


Find more information about human trafficking at




In relation to recent questions by Ukrainian citizens in connection with expropriation of real estate from their country of origin due to their request for protection /temporary or international/ in the Republic of Bulgaria. The State Agency for Refugees with the Council of Ministers assure Ukrainian citizens


No one has the right to expropriate your real estate and to deprive you from property rights in your State due to your request for or for receiving protection /temporary or international/ in Bulgaria or any other EU state.


We urge you to not be misled by false information spread by unofficial sources and in case of questions always call the following phones:



National phone line for the National portal for the people affected by the war in Ukraine:  029055555 and +380322465075.


Crisis line by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +35929482404.


Legal aid office for refugees and migrants at the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee 029813318 and 029802049.